Barnes & Noble February YA Book Club Pick!

I have wonderful news! I am so happy to share that THE DAVENPORTS has been named the @barnesandnoble YA Book Club February Selection!

B&N Exclusive edition also has bonus content!

Barnes & Noble has been a large part of my life as a reader, and now, as an author. The large winged back chairs provided a comfy spot to sneak a few pages of my next read while my mother added to her own ever-growing TBR pile. I’d dive into the a deepwater mystery, traverse the narrow passages of a rediscovered tomb, or travel with demigods to other worlds. Sometimes, I’d travel to the past, guided by the pages of a young girl’s diary. Each book promised a new adventure—and there were a lot of books at B&N.

As grew older, it was a destination of kindred spirits, searching for coffee and a not-too-quiet place to do homework, where the best part was a treat in the form of a new paperback or notebook. Later, it became a place to explore storytelling of my own, surrounded by the words of so many other dreamers. I am humbled and excited to have my dream placed on a shelf and added to the list of book club selections.

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